Breakfast at Bon's

by Old Towns, Bryan Michael

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Breakfast at Bon's Split with Bryan Michael

Recorded in December, 2015 in Vancouver


released May 26, 2016

Tracks 1,2 written by Robbie Shirriff (Old Towns)
Tracks 3,4 written by Bryan Michael
Banjo performed by Robbie Shirriff, guitar performed by Bryan Michael
Lead vocal on tracks 1,3 by Bryan Michael, and on tracks 2,4 by Robbie Shirriff



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Old Towns Edmonton, Alberta


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Track Name: Swear Like a Sailor
You ask what's got me down
I don't frequent this part of town, I don't know my way around
I'm always running late, it's hard to concentrate
my nerves have been shaking since I started my day
sometimes it feels like I'm caving in
Hey friend tell me what's new?
Let's get together for a beer or two; I always drink my fill
I know it's getting late, I find it hard to concentrate when the spirits are saturating my veins
sometimes it feels like I'm caving in
walk past the corner store
nothing good happens after 4 in the morning
hey Bryan get the fuck home
you said I made my bed and now I have to lie in it
well I think I'd rather sleep in the streets
so if I'm the burden, well goddamn, mercy me
at times I feel deserted but I'll still land on my own two feet
sometimes it feels like I'm caving in;
sometimes my mind feels like a prison
so from this bottle I'll drink deep,
then send me out to sea
Track Name: Over Again
All in all, I don't regret the sleep I've lost or the money I've spent
Track Name: Older Now
I still have dreams about growing old with you and how the worst in each other that we brought out
we're so much older now
we're so much colder now
and I can still feel the weight of your heart on my shoulders
Track Name: Losing Sleep
don't get me wrong, I loved you but I had to leave you
and truth be told I think I miss it more than you do
but in the end I know it's for the better
you brought me down right to my knees
you had me screaming, begging darling please
it's only love, there's so much left to live for

but it's all the same to me, I'd bottle up my love and throw it to the sea just to get some sleep

now I know that you've been thinking that this heavy heart comes with all the drinking but I know that it only makes me colder
'cause I've been down and I've been beat, and I can feel it my heart is getting weak but I know that I'm only getting older

and it's all the same to me, I'd bottle up my love and throw it to the sea,
but would it be enough?