Better Years EP

by Old Towns

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released June 27, 2013

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Scott Bergevin
All Songs written and performed by Old Towns
Lyrics and Music by Robert Shirriff
Drums/Percussion by Tyler Ennis
Bass by Kevin Vos
Banjo on "The Great Gold Rush" by Adam Dowie
Artwork by David Richeson (



all rights reserved


Old Towns Edmonton, Alberta


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Track Name: Foreign Policies
Late afternoon when I was 17, that's when I saw her there. She was heading South, too far from me, to escape the winter air. I pray that I see her again. Then I was told "boy, you stay gold". I guess that's easy to say. There was a time when I was fine; I should have asked you to stay. Then I had the urge to binge and purge, that didn't solve nothing. I ordered my last round and I shot them down. I found strength in myself. I don't know where she is. She was on my mind to pass the time. Things would have worked out alright. Where is she now? Nowhere to be found. I hope I see her someday. I slept right through my opportunity.
Track Name: Strathcona
I don't drink as much as I'd like to, but drink more than I should. I don't drink nearly as much as I wish I could. Give me a shot of whiskey, give me a shot of rye, give me a shot of anything because I've been drinking out of spite. In spite of you, in spite of me, in spite of everything between. I've always struggled with regret, or it with me, at least it seems. I've never had a problem killing time but now it's killing me, you'll see. So give me winter, give me wine, and I'll show you a good time. The nights are so long and soon I'll be gone. There are other places, good friends and familiar faces.
Track Name: The Great Gold Rush
Burning out cigarette ash; check your pockets for cash and stretch that dollar, it's gotta last until these hard times have passed. I set out on a mission filled with hope and blind ambition, though my heart was aching to reach my destination. I was searching for wealth, sacrificed happiness and health. I was told there was gold in these hills but all I found were cheap thrills. I need to get back to the country, back to where life had meaning. I was traveling with my hand on my heart, but like the bible it was torn apart. Another long night on the road, please someone take me home. I was searching for wealth, sacrificed happiness and health